LinkedIn has 760M members that are just waiting to connect with you.

If you're not leveraging the power of LinkedIn for your job search, career development, and thought leadership you are not leveraging one of the most powerful fools in the modern-day career. 

Stop sitting on the sidelines and join us to take control of how you want to show up in your career.

"The Career Q&A training with Fink Development was an excellent way to get some great tips through an informal setting. The casual nature of the training and the presence of Jennifer made it feel comfortable to enjoy and participate. Seeing Jennifer analyze resumes and LinkedIn profiles was a great way to gain essential tips through real-life examples."

-Jennifer Fink, Founder Fink Development

Let's Grow Together


In this Career Q&A, we will tackle things like:

  • why is your profile photo so important and how to choose a good one?
  • how to craft a standout headline
  • what to say in the experience section, is it really just a copy and paste from the resume?
  • what does it mean to add "keywords" to your profile?
  • how do recruiters use LinkedIn?
  • and more

This session is dynamic, and will be customized to questions directly from attendees.

Better job search advice is here for you.

"I love these straight to the point Q&A's. I really appreciate that a mass majority of the time was spent taking and directly answering questions, without fluff. Hands-on examples are incredibly valuable and I very much appreciate the respect to keep things right on the time limit."

-Previous Attendee

We can't wait to see you there!

This training is FREE to anyone who'd like to attend.

"In just 60 minutes, I learned so much about the job search process and came away with concrete actionable steps to move forward. Jenni has an incredible amount if wisdom to offer."

-Previous Attendee