On March 10th at 9am PST

Join us for a 1-hour bite-sized, advice-packed, community-based event to help you get clear on getting visible, learning how to leverage your virtual environment, and claiming to voice to secure more career opportunities.


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Getting Visible is Your Ticket to Career Advancement.

At this point in your career, and in the last year we've had, you're ready to finally get some payback for all the hard work you've been putting in. And, maybe you're tired of: 

  • waiting around for someone to notice your hard work
  • wishing your boss would be an advocate for your professional development
  • hoping that eventually, those resources will become available for your promotion
  • wishing you knew how to get traction in your organization
  • feeling timid about standing up for your worth

If you're feeling like you're ready to stop sitting on the sidelines, but you're waiting for a kick in the pants. Let us just say that, 

no one can stand up and advocate for your own advancement like you can.

That's why we're talking about how to stop feeling like your bragging, how to find your voice, and how to start paving the path that you want in your career.



It’s hard enough when we’re in the office to be noticed, but the virtual work environment of 2020 definitely added a new layer of invisibility to our table. Sure, we interact through Google Hangouts and Zoom, but your supervisor doesn’t see the work you put in each day as they did prior.

Did you know that since the pandemic started, only 13% of women and 26% of men received pay raises while working from home?* With all the work you’re putting in, you deserve to get the promotion, a new role, or your next big career transition. But you have to be visible for it to happen.

This training is for you if you want to start leveraging your personal brand in order to advance their career.

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Meet Nicole:


Hi, I'm Nicole.

A Leadership Coach and Founder of Nicole Case Coaching.

After spending a decade in HR, navigating conversations with leaders and executives on really important topics, like who gets the promotion, who gets the raise, who gets the best projects, I realized that I was doing coaching and leadership development along with other responsibilities. People naturally would come to me for guidance and advice on their careers and challenges as leaders, and my background and expertise made them feel at ease.

I decided to launch out on my own, and it is my mission in life to help others build a career where they are successful, paid well, and using their strengths every day so they can go home and be fully present with their families. 

Last year when the pandemic hit, I was being contacted by women from all over wanting help with their careers and job search. I think everything that has been happening over the last year has woken people up to what is most important to them.

I wanted to help people think about ways they could advance their careers, even in the most difficult situations like these.

That's why I'm so excited to be offering this training with Fink Development. 

I hope that you'll join us.

See you soon! xx Nicole

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How to advance your career in the middle of a pandemic.

MARCH 10TH, 9AM - 10AM (PST)

In this Training:

We’ll explore three key ideas to help you become visible in virtual times.

You'll walk away knowing:

  • The difference between visibility and bragging
  • Ways to leverage this virtual environment to gain more visibility
  • Take control of your voice and career for access to more internal and external opportunities

By the end of this training, you’ll know how to build your thought leadership and visibility to elevate your career.

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"Our trainings are a place to join with a community of people who are dedicated to growing in their career and creating a meaningful impact in the world. "

-Jennifer Fink, Founder Fink Development

We can't wait to see you there!

FREE for members. Non-members: All of our trainings are just $24. 10% of profits are donated to selected education non-profits annually.

"Nicole's insider HR knowledge and experience navigating the corporate culture before launching her own firm, gives her invaluable experience when it comes to building your presence within an organization. So excited to spend an hour with Nicole soaking up some of her wisdom."

-Jennifer Fink, Founder of Fink Development

Career Advancement Made Easy.

Join our 1-hour training and learn how to get visible and be seen in your workplace and to create opportunities to advance your career, even in difficult circumstances.

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